We are an award-winning software developer dealing with advanced translation and speech technologies. We develop, customize and manage software and services that allow governments, corporations and individuals to overcome language barriers and reap the full advantages of globalization.

Language Learning

We work with schools, training providers and content owners to develop practical language learning solutions using advanced technologies, including voice recognition and analysis.

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Translation Productivity

Translators gain from our cost-effective translation memory, terminology management and proofing solutions, while translation buyers benefit from our workflow and quality control systems.

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Machine Translation

Our next-generation automated translation system prototype (Chinese-English) utilizes an innovative hybrid computational approach that allows rapid customization for diverse domains.

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Cross-Language Search

We develop solutions that help organizations collect, analyze and process information across different languages in the shortest possible time to identify what is relevant and useful.

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Translation Productivity

GistXL's Translation Productivity Online Toolkit (TPOT) integrates translation memory (TM), machine translation (MT), terminology management, post-editing, document analysis and other tools within an online console to help translators improve the quality and speed of their work.

Offered through a Software as a Service (SAAS) model, translators can log onto the system from any location to access the functions. Translation memories and terminology databases are stored at a centralized location for easier sharing and control. Quality assurance and workflow management functions are integrated within the system, allowing translators, editors and proofreaders to collaborate on the same platform.

TPOT has been adopted in several high-volume media, patent, medical and government translation projects, offering up to a 40% productivity savings. TPOT is unique in that it comes with a wide selection of specialist dictionaries and translation memories, allowing users to reap immediate benefits without having to invest time to build up their own resources.

A Translation Management System is available to high-volume translation customers and language service providers to track and manage their translation projects effectively. Functions include quotation generation, order tracking, workflow control, invoice generation, supplier payments and accounts monitoring.

Machine Translation

The Gist Chinese-English machine translation system allows automated translation of full sentences between the two languages in real-time. The hybrid system integrates rule-based, statistical-based and example-based approaches, and is designed to be more easily adapted for new domains. A new-generation system prototype was developed under a national research grant in 2011 that offers greater reliability and customizability.

The system is currently used mainly to support the proprietary applications belonging to GistXL but can be licensed to third-party developers or end-users who require fully automated translation solutions. The system can be installed on client servers or delivered as a web service.

The Gist machine translation system powers the Gist Mobile Translator System, a prize-winner at the Singapore National Infocomm Awards for Most Innovative Product/Service. It has been deployed with leading Asian mobile operators including SingTel, MobileOne and New World Mobile.

Language Learning

GistXL's core language technologies and resources can be used to create effective innovative applications for language learning. These include voice recognition and analysis, text-to-speech generation, level classification, keyword translation, part-of-speech tagging and phonetic representation.

If you are a training provider or content owner, we can work with you to create practical and cost-effective language learning solutions.

An example of how our technologies can be used in education is NewsTalk, a collaboration with Singapore's national Chinese daily, Lianhe Zaobao. Users learn practical and relevant Mandarin using current news, supported by a host of advanced technological tools aids. Users can even upload their own content to be converted in real-time to effective learning materials.

For enterprises and institutions, a comprehensive Learning Management System is available that allows bulk conversion and processing of content, assignment setting and tracking, performance analytics and student management, among other functions.

Cross-Language Search

GistXL offers cross-language data-monitoring and data-mining products designed for institutional and corporate media users, especially those with fast-breaking news content. Functions offered by the system include aggregation, identification, summarization and translation.

GistXL technologies currently power the NewsIntell service offered by Singapore Press Holdings, providing business intelligence from the Chinese media to clients in the public and private sectors. NewsIntell monitors and processes relevant news articles from all Singapore Chinese newspapers at the source, delivering news summaries and translated content to clients before the start of each working day, allowing rapid response where necessary.

Users are provided with a user console to modify screening criteria and track summaries and translations in real-time.

GistXL can customize its data-mining solutions to cover a wide variety of sources, including news databases, websites, blogs and forums.

What We Want

Our goal is to help global citizens bridge the language divide, thereby allowing every individual and organization to derive maximum benefit from globalization.

Some Examples of Our Projects


  • Professional product for translators and translation agencies
  • Integrates translation memory (TM), machine translation (MT), terminology management, post-editing, document analysis and other tools
  • Offered through a Software as a Service (SAAS) model
  • Developed, managed and hosted by GistXL
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  • Official app for the Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign
  • Singapore-specific Chinese-English dictionary with audio function
  • Produced for both iOS and Android
  • Contains practical scenarios for beginners to practice Mandarin
  • Developed by GistXL for the Speak Mandarin Campaign
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  • Translation service by Singapore's national Chinese daily
  • Customer clicks "Translate this Article" and sees cost and translation time
  • Translation order is triggered when online payment is made
  • Order is routed to GistXL servers and enters quality assurance workflow
  • Translation is delivered to customer in express time
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  • Innovative and practical approach to learning a language
  • Audio, hanyu pinyin, keyword translations and real-time reading scores
  • Thousands of news articles classified by level and subject
  • Users can upload own content for instant conversion to learning materials
  • Developed, managed and hosted by GistXL
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About Us / News

News and updates on whats happening at GistXL Technology.

GistXL develops, customizes and manages software and services that allow governments, corporations and individuals to overcome language barriers and reap the full advantages of globalization. These include translation technologies, language learning technologies and other cross-language technologies and applications. GistXL is headquartered in Singapore and has development sites in Singapore and the People's Republic of China. It is a National Infocomm Award prize winner and a recipient of national research grants. Its core development team has more than a decade of experience in the field of natural language processing and its clients include major multinational corporations and government agencies.


The Straits Times, 22 October 2004
Turn SMS gibberish into Mandarin
Translator with intelligence one of 11 Infocomm award winners

U tink u dunno hw to speak Mandarin? Tink again.

A local invention, called the Gist Mobile Translator System, promises to make you not only coherent in Mandarin, but audible too.

The translator, developed by Singapore company GistXL, was one of 11 award winners at the National Infocomm Awards last night.

The Gist translator for cellphones currently offered through SingTel can take English - even if it's in short form or the kind of gibberish found in SMSes - and turn it into meaningful Mandarin.

By the end of next year, GistXL hopes its system will be fluent in up to 18 languages.

The company boasts that Gist can even turn Singlish into the English the rest of the world is familiar with.

GistXL's executive director Tan Dan Feng, 35, told The Straits Times yesterday there are limits as Singlish has no 'standard' form and there are variations in usage.

'However, it works quite effectively as part of the system. Many Singlish sentence structures and forms originate from Chinese, and this actually helps the translation engine provide a higher level of fluency for Singlish to Chinese translations.'

Free online language translation services and machine-based interpretation systems, such as those offered on Netat.net, Google, or AltaVista's BabelFish, have been around for some time.

But GistXL lays claim to be one of the first in the world to build artificial intelligence into the system. This means, while other 'rule-based' systems match an English word to a Chinese one, GistXL sieves through its database - within a fifth of a second - to draw links and contexts between words and phrases.

For instance, 'drink orange' may just be taken to mean 'consume a colour' in other systems, but GistXL can recognise that when those two words are used together, it will translate into Mandarin to mean 'imbibe orange juice'.

Mr Tan created the company after working in a family-run firm, Interlexis, which offers translation services and interpreters in 46 languages.

GistXL, he said, won't replace human interpreters or translators, but will complement them, 'allowing more people to communicate'. Already, up to 5,000 messages are handled daily by Gist, with a curious surge observed between 10pm and 2am.

The Gist service, which is currently offered through SingTel, costs 21 cents for each translation request.

This year's Infocomm awards, a biennial event jointly organised by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation, were given out by Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Lee Boon Yang at a gala dinner last night at Shangri-La Hotel.

In his address, Dr Lee urged businesses to recognise the value of innovation. 'We must innovate or risk being overtaken and made redundant,' he said.


The Business Times, 22 October 2004
Bridging the language divide

A SYSTEM that breaks down the language barrier - Gist Mobile Translator System (GMTS) - has made GistXL Pte Ltd a merit award winner at the National Infocomm Awards (NIA) this year.

'GistXL has launched a technology that has the potential to change the world,' said the company's executive director, Tan Dan Feng. GMTS technology translates languages on hand-held devices. Translations can then be sent or received as text, image or audio files.

GistXL prides itself on GMTS' ability to create social value, stressing how important communicating in different languages is to enterprises' business competitiveness.

The award has helped GistXL gain recognition as an innovator, said Mr Tan, boosting the company's ongoing effort to attract and recruit experts and specialists. He also hopes the award will raise awareness of the automated translations systems market.

In the meantime, he is optimistic regarding the company's prospects. Globalisation provides good business opportunities for companies that harness the technology and tools to overcome the 'language divide', said Mr Tan.

'I believe that GistXL has a very good chance at becoming an industry leader in this emerging and very promising area,' he added.

However, he did acknowledge the challenge posed to the company from a lack of resources and past experience. 'There were many instances when we had to make up the rules as we went along,' said Mr Tan.

He hopes the credibility and recognition the award brings will help in the company's plans for future expansion. It will deploy GMTS in South-east Asia and Greater China next year, and aims to cover most major Asian markets by the end of 2005. It has set its sights on Asia for the short and medium term, but is open to exploring possibilities in other regions.

In the long run, GistXL aims to develop a wider range of translation products, from e-mail and instant messaging translation to enterprise-level translation products for specific domains such as pharmaceutical and patent translations. As usage of GMTS' data-driven system grows, the quality of translation will improve as well, Mr Tan pointed out.

But for the time being, GistXL plans to add cross-language functionality to hand-held devices, and is now working with more device manufacturers in addition to mobile operators and service providers. It also hopes to use GMTS as an enabling application, such as integrating it with mobile gaming.

GistXL was founded in 2003 by Mr Tan, who worked previously at Interlexis, a global network of language translation providers. According to him, GMTS technology works using a hybrid non-rule based approach, which allows for better translation of complex and non-formal sentences.

Expansion talk: GistXL's executive director, Tan Dan Feng (right), said the company aims to develop a wider range of translation products, from e-mail and instant messaging translation to pharmaceutical and patent translations.


Digital Life (The Computer Times), 7 December 2004
Spread the word

Mr Tan Dan Feng, executive director for high-tech translation firm GistXL wants to remove language barriers with the most accurate and comprehensive mobile translation system in the world.

FOR 14 years, Mr Tan worked as a human translator in his family firm, Interlexis, to help make sense between the English-Mandarin camps.

Today, Mr Tan, who is effectively bilingual, gets machines in on the act. And he has developed the Gist Mobile Translator System to get more people talking to one another. The 35-year-old also owns GistXL, the firm distributing the system.

By the end of next year, he expects the system to go regional, providing the bridge for languages including Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Arabic, Japanese and Korean.

The English and Mandarin services were launched with SingTel earlier this year. A pay-as-you-use service, a SingTel subscriber can forward an English text message to the system and get it back translated in Mandarin, for example.

Apart from business and travel-related communication, much of today's translation traffic comes from cross-cultural social exchanges.

Mr Tan said: "We didn't expect this, but I think there are a lot of cross-border, cross-language romances happening.''

It's not that the users' SMS text messages are tapped since no phone numbers are seen, just text, the sociology graduate from the University of Western Ontario, hastened to add.

"All data is automatically made anonymous before it's processed so as to ensure the privacy of the users,'' he said.

Translation logs are periodically processed by linguists to update Gist's database. The system picks up words and phrases, especially colloquial ones. This is so the database can be updated weekly and made more precise, translating the quirky to coherent.

This means even Singlish can be understood as English or Mandarin by non-Singaporeans.

There are many online language translation services, mostly free, and machine-based translation, such as those offered on Netat.net, Google.com, or babelfish.altavista.com.

But GistXL is one of the first in the world to use sophisticated mathematical methods to draw accurate links and contexts between words and phrases.

GistXL earned a merit award at the National Infocomm Awards in October for its cutting-edge machine translator.

Q: Won't technology clash with your traditional human translation business?

A: Human translators tend to be very sceptical about machines because of the inaccuracies most systems have today. But what we're doing is using our expertise as translators to create a better system that can capture all the nuances in human communication. It won't eat into the traditional business but may spur greater use of people to translate for cross-language exchanges.

Q: How exactly is your system better?

A: While some systems take two sets of dictionaries and match words, we've added a bit of intelligence to it with an engine that uses a statistical component to analyse sentences and phrases. Within a fifth of a second, a phrase like "I wan 2 c 2day paper'' can be translated to Mandarin "wo yao kan jin ri de bao zhi''.
Human communication is not bound by rules - true, there are grammatical rules - but there are many variations in the way people speak, just like how Singaporeans speak Singlish. We want to put the power of translation at the fingertips of every mobile phone user. There is clearly a need that's not filled.

Q: Where do you see the need coming from?

A: Back in 1999, we had customers asking for automated translation services, something that's instant and cheaper. Early user surveys showed users using the Gist service for business or travel-related communications. But lately, more use it for socialising. In fact, some use it daily to have long "conversations'' with friends who do not speak the same language. This system allows islands of community to interact with one another. Beyond the economic, I see a social value in Gist.

Q: Aside from the mobile phone platform, how else do you intend for people to access Gist in the future?

A: We developed and own the underlying core translation technology that powers GMTS which just happens to be the first application that we have launched on this platform. We already have Internet and intranet versions of the product and we are now working on other delivery channels with several major global companies.However, in the short term, we will be focusing on maintaining our position as the most accurate and comprehensive mobile translation system in the world.

Q: If this takes off, you are going to be very rich! Are you considering early retirement?

A: As machine translation gradually becomes an accepted and ubiquitous part of all our lives, I think that the satisfaction of having played a part in developing this new generation of translation systems will outweigh any financial reward. I've been very lucky to have had the chance to be involved in something that's intellectually challenging, financially promising and has the potential to make the world a better place.

Removing the language barrier can lead to a greater degree of mutual understanding between countries and cultures - something that the world can definitely do with right now.


1 June 2006
GistXL CEO speaks at international translation industry event in Shanghai

GistXL CEO Tan Dan Feng was invited to give an address at the plenary session of the inaugural China International Forum on Translation Industry held at Tongji University in Shanghai on 28-29 May 2006. The international event drew language service providers and academics from four continents to discuss developments in the industry.

Speaking on "Small Boats in Choppy Waters", Tan drew on his background in traditional human translation, translation technology, translation teaching and international publishing, to look at the trends and challenges facing the industry and the evolving profile of language service providers in Asia. He discussed possible new models that small and medium Asian language service providers can adopt in the face of the significant changes on the translation landscape.


Lianhe Zaobao, 8 September 2007
Read Lianhe Zaobao in English through new Translation-on-Demand service

Readers will be able to order translations of content from one of Singapore's most popular news websites zaobao.com through a new service offered by the news portal and GistXL Technology - Translation-On-Demand (TOD). Translations will be processed on GistXL's proprietary translation platform, providing same-day high-quality translations at competitive rates.


联合早报网(zaobao.com)昨天宣布正式推出另一新服务: 随选新闻翻译服务(Translation-On-Demand)。 读者可以在早报网上看到《联合早报》免费提供的五类内容英文标题和新闻节选,并直接点击其感兴趣的英 文标题,提交翻译需求给《联合早报网》。早报网将在最短的时间内将该新闻的英文翻译通过电邮发送给读 者。

这项付费的新闻翻译服务,收费按篇幅长短而异。五类供选择的内容包括中国新闻、 中国财经、新加坡新闻、新加坡财经和言论。

提供部分早报内容的英文翻译,意味着一些想了解这份华文报处理新闻 的角度、看待问题观点的英文报读者,可以克服语文的障碍,看到早报所呈现的世 界。

这项服务是早报网及其伙伴翻译公司集思科技(GistXL)合作推 出的。集思科技的最新翻译引擎负责对早报内容进行初步英文化处理, 然后再由资深翻译专员对每条翻译文稿进行编辑审核,确保翻译达到快而准的高质量效果。这是本地华文媒体 首次采用语言处理系统推出的商业应用项目,相信在亚太区域华文媒体当中也是首创。

每日页览量(pageview)达500万左右的联合早报网,是以 《联合早报》的优质新闻和评论为支撑的综合新闻网站。它已经在过 去两年连续蝉联"新加坡最受欢迎网站"的荣衔。互联网市场调查公 司Hitwise最近公布的调查也显示,继在今年首季之后,早报 网又在4月至6月的这个季度里,再荣登新加坡平面新闻网站第一名,是最受欢迎 的本地报章网站。

报业控股华文报集团及报章服务集团执行副总裁胡以晨说:"《联合早 报》作为全球华人世界中一份举足轻重的报纸,有条件也有使命作为 本区域的'扩音机',将重要的信息及时传送到整个区域,甚至全世 界。利用尖端翻译科技推出的随选翻译服务,是早报在现有的基础上不断革新、力 求增值的另一项举措。"

早报总编辑林任君说:"《联合早报》不断发挥自己的优势,对中国时 政和财经新闻进行独到而深入的报道和评论。《早报中国》已经成为 本地了解中国发展的首选管道,但是一些以英文为主要用语的读者可 能在阅读早报时力不从心,随选翻译服务多少可以满足他们的需求。"

此外,他也说:"早报作为本地主要华文报以及华族文化机构,除了要 加强在中国新闻和评论方面的权威地位,也有义务促进各层面的新加坡人对中国现 状和文化的了解。"


早报网刚在今年6月1日正式启动互动论坛(http://luntan.zaobao.com/),以增强 全球数以百万计华人读者与新加坡读者的互动联系。而昨天宣布的随选翻译服务,其实已在8月非正式 地推出,初步反应不错。

早报网主编郑维说,这项服务在上个月非正式推出后,已有一些政府部门和公关公司 表示有兴趣。

"我们认为本地的政府机构、教育学府、上市企业和公关公司将会发现 这项服务的好处和便利。我们也在探讨在适当时候,推出一种根据客 户需要而提供的新闻检索兼翻译服务(tailor-made news track-cum-translation service)。有关用户可以按照所兴趣的新闻内容来订阅早报和 新加坡报业控股旗下其他华文刊物的英文版。"随选翻译服务的介绍与说明网址是http://www.zaobao.com/tod.html


Lianhe Zaobao, 10 May 2008
NewsTalk allows students to learn Chinese more effectively

Singapore's largest Chinese newspaper Lianhe Zaobao has introduced a new product called NewsTalk which provides audio and romanised versions of news articles as well as translated keywords and assessment tests within an online interactive framework for Chinese language learners. Editor-in-chief Lim Jim Koon and Online Editor Zheng Wei were both present at the ceremony marking NewsTalk's first deployment at Pioneer Junior College. NewsTalk, powered by GistXL, leverages on the rich content of Lianhe Zaobao and the advanced speech and language technologies of GistXL to provide an effective way for students to learn practical Chinese.


《联合早报》早在去年就可以用英文来阅读,现在又特别为学生多添了 一项新功能:可以边听边读,边读边学生词及读音,一些关键词还提供英文翻译。

这项专为学校及学生提供的新服务——"新闻开口"(Newstalk), 汇集文字语音化、文字拼音化,及即时提供英文短语翻译等功能,让学生能轻松上网听和读早报的新闻及 文章,进而增进他们的华文阅读习惯和乐趣,也进一步体验母语活学活用的广阔天地。

"新闻开口"是付费服务,可作为华文教师使用便利的华文教材,而学 生则可轻松学习华文。订用此服务的学校,每周可获得早报上载的大约四篇最新时 事报道,或可作华文教材的相关文章和资讯。

这些新闻及文章都被语音化和拼音化,教师及学生除了可以听读这些有 声文章外,把鼠标放在文字上,还会出现它的汉语拼音。而文章中一些自动筛选的 关键词,还附有简短的华英文翻译。

例如,文章如果出现"关键因素"这词,在播读时只要把鼠标移到这四 字,就会出现汉语拼音"guān jiàn yīn sù",以 及它的华英翻译:决定事物成败的原因或条件/key factor。准备教材更轻松 每篇文章后还有个小测验,让学生在读过文章之后,测试自己对文章的 理解及生词的运用。另外,华文老师也能自行上载一些文章,再根据简单步骤,很 快把文章语音化和拼音化 ,并自动筛选生词。

"新闻开口"上载的文章,还会分A、B或C程度,华文老师可按照学 生的语文程度选用教导。而由于这项服务不需要任何实体软件来驱动, 只要输入订阅帐号及密码,教师及学生就能在任何能上网的地方,轻松准备教材或学习华文。

联合早报网主编郑维说,自今年年头,《联合早报》就和伙伴翻译公司 集思科技(GistXL)合作研发"新闻开口",这项新产品的宗 旨是希望通过突破传统的教学模式,让较抗拒华文阅读,或对华文阅读有困难的华 族年轻一代,克服心理障碍。

《联合早报》总编辑林任君说,早报一向都希望能帮助学校提高华文教 学的效率,"新闻开口"更是把跟生活息息相关的新闻,经过高科技包装,来激发 学生学习华文的积极性。 他也期待这项新产品能引起教育界广泛兴趣。

先驱初级学院是这项新服务的第一所初院用户。院长郭丽蓉说,初院学 生功课多活动也多,而今日学生也更适应高科技教学,她喜见"新闻 开口"既实用又灵活,一方面可帮助华文教师增添许多实用教材,另一方面,学生 也能在熟悉的科技中轻松愉快地学习。

先驱初院母语部主任张婷婷和其他华文老师,经常通过各种灵活教材提 高学生对华文的兴趣和学习效率,她认为"新闻开口"响应了教育部 所提倡的'少教多学'政策,而多媒体对学生的吸引力也将使华文教学事半功倍。


Lianhe Zaobao, 5 September 2008
Teacher Lim Tian Min from Pioneer Junior College has won an award for her innovative use of the NewsTalk service jointly offered by GistXL and Singapore Press Holdings

Teacher Lim Tian Min from Pioneer Junior College in Singapore has won an award for innovative use of the NewsTalk product in Chinese language teaching. NewsTalk provides audio and romanised versions of Chinese news articles as well as translated keywords and assessment tests within an online interactive framework. NewsTalk is developed and powered by GistXL and offered through Singapore Press Holdings.

[2008年9月5日, 联合早报] 成功以实践启发善加利用"新闻开口"(NewsTalk)教学让学 生进步,先驱初级学院老师因此获得报业控股最佳网络教学法比赛的冠军

最佳网络教学法比赛让所有参赛教师有机会体验报业控股旗下的网络资 讯平台,并采用其内容提高学生对时事的知识也同时提升他们的语文能力。

报业控股于8月26日举行颁奖礼,德明政府中学的学生司仪和相声表演者为典礼增 添活力。

得到冠军的先驱初级学院母语部老师林恬敏和吴彦频表示:"很高兴知 道新加坡报业控股推出像NewsTalk这样的线上资料库。因为, 有自律的学生真正可以做到'自习'了。他们只需要通过学校所为他们订购的NewsTalk,就可以在老 师不在场的情况下,自行阅读经过加工处理的篇章。当篇章经过加工处理后,学生们对于阅读 的障碍,就被减到最低了,这无形中使到他们的阅读经验更加顺畅且愉快!"

这次参赛的老师们在有限的篇幅中探讨如何利用"新闻开口"让华文课 变得更有趣,让学习散发新意,并说明采用这个平台的有效授课方式

德明政府中学的中文老师张爱强认为,"新闻开口"作为一个中文教学 的辅助,能让学生听、看、读和认识更多深词。张老师说,学生就算" 读不懂,还听得懂!"他也强调,这项服务可以让学生培养自学能力。

这项网络教学比赛是由报业控股主办、ASKnLearn私人有限公司合办,以及 无敌(Besta)的鼎立赞助。



20 February 2009
GistXL receives government grant for development of New Generation Machine Translation project

GistXL has received a National Research Foundation grant from the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office for the development of a New Generation Chinese-English Machine Translation System with special focus on Online, Singapore & Financial Domains. This project involves a hybrid MT architecture that incorporates rule-based, statistical-based and example-based approaches and utilises a innovative processing approach involving the use of a parse tree memory tier. Its objective is to achieve improved levels of speed, reliability, improvability, customisability and accuracy compared to current approaches.

The project also involves the large-scale collection and processing of corpora from the online, Singapore and financial domains to derive specialised language models, thereby optimising translation quality in these areas. Preliminary research results are expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2011.

The project is expected to involve 13 researchers and will add more than $1.7 million to the economy, as well as build up more natural language processing expertise in Singapore.

GistXL collaborates with the Singapore Ministry of Education and Singapore Press Holdings to develop new online Chinese language learning platform for secondary schools


1 June 2010

GistXL has embarked on a collaborative project with the Education Technology Division of the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) to develop a new online Chinese language learning platform for secondary schools on the island.

The platform will mainly be based on technologies used by GistXL in its existing NewsTalk product. Important new functions will be developed and added, including automated online evaluation of spoken Chinese, resource sharing among teachers and students, and advanced analytics. The platform is designed to train and test listening, speaking, reading and input skills through a comprehensive approach.

MOE will be providing support in terms of syllabus requirements, SPH will be offering content from its trove of Chinese language resources and GistXL will be providing the base technology for the project. Seven schools have signed up as pilot schools for the project to date.


6 July 2010
GistXL supporting partner for Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign 2010

GistXL is pleased to be chosen as Supporting Partner for the Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign 2010 and The Chinese Challenge 2010 together with Capitaland, Eu Yan Sang, Jetstar and Wotif. GistXL will be providing its language technology to support related activities of the campaign, now in its 31st year.

The Speak Mandarin Campaign (SMC) was launched by then Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew in 1979. The task was to transform a deeply entrenched social-linguistic habit of Chinese Singaporeans who were long used to the speaking of dialects.

From 1979 to 1981, the target audience of Speak Mandarin Campaign was Chinese Singaporeans in general. Beginning 1982, SMC targeted specific groups, e.g. hawkers, public transport workers, white-collar workers and senior executives. The primary message to Chinese Singaporeans was to speak Mandarin in place of dialects to help them better understand and appreciate their culture and heritage.

While the Campaign has succeeded in getting dialect-speaking Chinese Singaporeans to speak Mandarin, research indicated that Mandarin was losing ground among English-educated Chinese Singaporeans. From 1991 onwards, the SMC started targeting English-educated Chinese Singaporeans to encourage them to speak Mandarin.


Media Release
Zaobao.com launches NewsTalk – a ground-breaking approach to learning Chinese

Singapore, 8 April 2014 – NewsTalk, an innovative new offering by Lianhe Zaobao's online news portal zaobao.com, will soon be available to help those wishing to learn or master the Chinese language.

To be launched on 9 April, NewsTalk is a joint product of zaobao.com and award-winning technology developer GistXL Technology (GistXL). The revolutionary online learning platform uses current affairs and advance language technology to provide an engaging way for learners to learn Chinese as a "living language".

NewsTalk users have access to thousands of current articles from Lianhe Zaobao, the flagship Chinese daily newspaper published by Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). Every article containspinyin, audio and keyword definitions in English to help readers along. Users can read out individual phrases or full sentences to the computer and receive comprehensive feedback of their pronunciation and fluency almost instantly, allowing them to practise and improve at their own pace. Other advanced functions such as personalised dictionaries, annotations and audio downloads are available to provide a comprehensive learning environment.

Users can browse and search for articles by level of difficulty, keywords or category (Singapore, China, World, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sports and Opinion) to read and practice on topics that are of interest to them. This approach provides a sustained and engaging learning experience while allowing users to acquire vocabulary that is relevant in real-life settings.

This means that NewsTalk can benefit not just students but also working adults who need to use the Chinese language in their work. NewsTalk helps them acquire not only competence in the language but also knowledge of what is happening in the larger Chinese-speaking world, allowing them to communicate in the language more effectively.

One of the most innovative functions of NewsTalk is the User Upload function. Users can upload their own articles, whether a short story, a poem or a speech, to be instantly converted into audio,pinyin and assessable content. This means that a user can listen to the article, refer to the pinyin and even practice reading out loud for a real-time score just seconds after uploading.

Dr Zhou Zhao Cheng, Editor of zaobao.com, said: "NewsTalk is a new service for both local and international users who already have a foundation in the Chinese language, but would like to further improve their reading and speaking skills. We hope that, through the use of engaging news articles from Lianhe Zaobao and via the interactive online platform, they can enjoy the learning process even more and at their own convenience."

Mr Tan Dan Feng, Executive Director of GistXL Technology, said: "Lianhe Zaobao is one of the most trusted names in the global Chinese language media scene, whether in terms of the quality of writing, breadth of content or level of insight. Using advanced language technology, Zaobao content can be turned into a very effective tool for learning the Chinese language. NewsTalk users will not only improve their language skills but also their knowledge of Chinese culture and developments in the Chinese-speaking world."

NewsTalk will be officially launched on 9 April. Users who register from now till 30 June get to enjoy a promotional rate of just $99 (excluding GST) for a one-year subscription.

For more information, please visit http://newstalk.zaobao.sg


Lianhe Zaobao, 9 April 2014
早报网推出新服务 读者可听新闻学华文



联合早报网从今天起开设"新闻开口"平台,让公众可以"听"到多达5000篇刊载在《联合早报》上的新闻和文章,用户还可 以自己朗读,再由系统根据音调和发音来评分,掌握资讯的同时,也 提升语文表 达能力和口语水平。

这个在线华文学习平台"新闻开口"(NewsTalk)由联合早报网和软件开发商集思科技(GistXL)合作推出。它通 过智能语音阅读功能,将早报的内容转为语音,让用户在读新闻之 余,也能听新闻。此外,把电脑鼠标放在文字上,还可以看到它的汉语 拼音。要是 出现生词,系统也会附上英文翻译,帮助用户快速学习华文。

不仅如此,这套系统采用的互动语言技术会在用户逐句朗读后,识别每个单字的发音,让用户知道哪个字念得不准确。最后,系统 还会对整体流利度和发音打分。用户如果需要用华语表达、演讲或致 辞,只要把 文章或讲稿上传到系统上,便能逐句听到系统进行朗读,或者由用户自己朗读,练习发音。

"新闻开口"是一项付费服务,上载到这个系统上的新闻和文章多达5000 篇,分成新加坡、中国、世界、商业、生活、娱乐、体育及评论栏目。每篇报道也以阅读难度、内容和关 键词分类,查找起来更加方便。

联合早报网主编周兆呈博士说:"这个新服务针对的是新加坡和海外具 有一定华文基础、但希望进一步提高华文华语水平的用户,希望借助 早报丰富的新闻和文字资源以及网络平台,让他们能够轻松便利地学好华语。"

周兆呈指出,让用户上载自己的文章并练习朗读的功能具开创性,其他网络学习平台 上目前没有提供这类服务。

集思科技执行董事陈丹枫认为,无论是文字的质量、内容的广度还是分 析的深度,《联合早报》都是全球最值得信赖的华文报之一。这个新 平台不但能提升用户的语文能力,也能增进他们对中华文化和中文世界的了解。

从即日起至6月30日,公众可以99元(不包括消费税)的优惠价订 购一年的"新闻开口"服务,原价为每年120元。欲订购服务或了解更多详情, 可浏览网站http://newstalk.zaobao.sg/


The Straits Times, April 9, 2014
Learn Mandarin online through Zaobao stories

A new online learning platform launched today will let users practise reading and speaking Mandarin in private and at their own pace

IT WILL not judge, criticise or snigger. It will not make you feel guilty for taking up its time.

It will simply listen, and tell you if you got your four tones right.

A new online learning platform launched today will let users practise reading and speaking Mandarin in private and at their own pace, sheltered from the pressures of performing in front of other people.

They can read articles or speeches aloud and receive nearinstant feedback on their pronunciation of each word.

Called NewsTalk (newstalk.zaobao.sg), the service is produced by zaobao.com - the website of Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao - and translation technology developer GistXL Technology.

Subscription costs $99 per year, less than the cost of a few tuition sessions.

After the early-bird period ends in June, it will cost $120 per year.

"Now so many Singaporeans need to speak Mandarin to a visiting delegation from China, or because they're going to China," said Mr Tan Dan Feng, executive director of GistXL.

Although their Mandarin may not be bad, they may be too self-conscious to speak and practise it, he added.

"You put all these tools there to help them overcome the psychological barrier," he said.

Users can hone their skills on more than 5,000 Lianhe Zaobao articles in the database, each with hanyu pinyin (romanised Chinese) and keyword definitions in English.

They can also upload their own articles or, for example, speeches they want to practise.

After a reading of a phrase or paragraph is submitted, four enormous servers receive the sound clip, transform it into data, and analyse it. Within seconds, overall scores for fluency and pronunciation, as well as scores for each and every word, are displayed. No special microphone is needed.

Scores can be shared on Facebook, so people can challenge their friends to a Mandarin face-off.

"Our target audience is both local and international users who already have some foundation in Chinese, but at the same time wish to further learn speaking, writing and reading skills," said zaobao.com editor Zhou Zhao Cheng.

The idea for NewsTalk came about after a previous collaboration between zaobao.com and GistXL to launch a translation service in 2007.

The new site is a product of years of research and trials with more than 50,000 secondary and junior college students.

Lianhe Zaobao articles are a good way to get people interested in the language, said Mr Tan, as they are well-regarded and curated according to eight categories including China, Singapore, business and sports.

"When users talk with others they will not only have a common language but also a common knowledge of current affairs," he said.


New NewsTalk Service launched by Zaobao.com

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